Lackadaisy Cacophony
The radio programming is a rather thinly veiled allusion to the Clicquot Club Eskimos, who graced the very early NBC radio of the 1920's and 30's.  I like Harry Reser's music personally, but it seemed like just the sort of thing Viktor'd be inclined to smash on the floor.

The radio itself is a bit of an anachronism - I don't think the first all-in-one tabletop radio (tubes and speaker) was marketed until about 1930 by Philco.  Prior to that, tabletops generally consisted of a coffin-style box and a separate speaker.  I always found the classic cathedral style radios appealing, however, and I wanted to draw one.  My conscience may compel me to replace it with something a little more accurate when it comes time to print a Volume 2 book, though.