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Rubber-hose Band

St. Louis, Friday, June 2nd, 2023

The official LACKADAISY Pilot soundtrack animated video is now up on YouTube! Watch it here!
Rubberhose BandAlso, Lackadaisy Essentials art books are finally in the warehouse. They'll be shipping out to Kickstarter backers this month.
Meanwhile, Iron Circus has a limited number of extra books up for sale in the online shop.
Lackadaisy Essentials art bookThey come with a signed bookplate, and they'll ship immediately after the backer books do!
Note - if you're looking to get all of the Lackadaisy hardcover books (Volume 1, Volume 2 and the Essentials), I suggest waiting until the Backerkit campaign in July. We'll have them available as a set.


St. Louis, Monday, May 22nd, 2023

The LACKADAISY Soundtrack, HD video, and Script+Animatic are now up on
You can grab any one of them for $5. All funds go toward making more Lackadaisy animation!
Lackadaisy Itchio

Merry Mayhem

St. Louis, Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

With an eye toward funding more Lackadaisy animation, Club Pins are back! These are now up for pre-order from Iron Circus until May 11th. Available pins include:

Lackadaisy Club Pins 3D
Lackadaisy Club Pin Pre-order
Pre-orders end May 11th, and we anticipate them shipping in July.

In other news, the LACKADAISY pilot is up over 7.5 million views on YouTube. If you were one of those views, or if you've shared the link, or even just mentioned it to someone in passing, thank you! The reception has meant so much to the entire crew. The month has been ceaselessly chaotic as a result, but in all the best ways. I'm looking to get my comic-making feet back underneath me soon, but right now, we're laying some groundwork to keep the animation side of things moving forward.